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Writing Styles How to Find Yours With Writing Style Examples

Composing Styles How to Find Yours With Writing Style Examples Composing Styles: How to Find Yours With Writing Style Examples Composing styles as creators can contrast from individual to individual. As an essayist, you have an endowment of inventiveness in utilizing your specialty as something that can evoke sentiments. Composing a book may make individuals snicker, take individuals on an excursion or fill them with information. Composing is and can be a work of art on the off chance that you use it to communicate and get familiar with the craft of doing it well. Most authors will wind up falling into a particular style of composing. That could be composing verse, verifiable, composing a novel, children’s writing or even screenplays. This will for the most part occur around your inclinations, your training, information on composing and the books you read. Heres what youll find out about composing styles: What is composing style?Types of composing stylesWriting styles examplesHow to discover your composing styleRead a great deal to discover your composing styleBe genuine about yourselfWrite what accompanies easeExpress yourself to show your composing style NOTE: We spread everything in this blog entry and considerably more about the composition, promoting, and distributing process in our VIP Self-Publishing Program. Become familiar with it here What is composing style? Your composing style is the manner by which the account of your composing goes over to different perusers, including your sentence structure, grammar, and generally speaking voice so as to furnish your composition with a general tone or state of mind. Every essayist has their own, common style and this can change from task to extend. Be that as it may, you may locate that specific writers regularly keep up a firm composing style. Basically, a writers composing style can be perceived from work to work. Sorts of Writing Styles There are a couple of various approaches to consider composing styles as a creator. Right off the bat, you have your own composing style as a writer, which is the thing that we clarified over; its the particular way your composing peruses. Here are a few instances of how a writers composing style may differ: Tedium How much your story utilizes longer, run-on sentences versus short and rough ones.Syntax The structure of your sentences, the accentuation, delays, word request and general style of composing run of the mill sentences.Word decision This can mean swearing or not, utilizing increasingly complex words versus less difficult ones, and that's just the beginning. The word decision in your composing style can assist perusers with understanding the viewpoint of the narration.Tone The tone recorded as a hard copy resembles the disposition the creator has toward a topic. In the event that they hate something, the tone could be short and negative, the inverse on the off chance that they appreciate what theyre composing about.Mood The mind-set varies from tone since its the overall inclination perusers remove through the composition. The disposition can be modified using tone, word decision, and other abstract gadgets. Be that as it may, composing style additionally alludes to the aim of what youre composing. Here are the 4 fundamental composing styles: Explanatory Writing This is the most widely recognized kind of composing. This blog entry is a case of explanatory composition, as Im clarifying an idea and giving data. Nonetheless, interpretive composing regularly doesnt incorporate the writers opinions.Descriptive Writing Youll frequently find enlightening writing in fiction (and innovative verifiable as well!), as its when writers write in an increasingly elucidating style, making all the more a visual instead of simply handing-off facts.Persuasive Writing This composing style is generally utilized so as to convince others to make a type of move and incorporates introductory letters, audits, promotions, web duplicate, and that's just the beginning. The objective is to persuade the perusers of something one way or another.Narrative Writing This kind of composing style is typically restrictive to fiction and is the point at which the essayist is developing a story and plot by utilizing illustrative composition to assist you with pi cturing it. These diverse composing styles arent commonly restrictive to one anticipate. You can utilize different of them in a solitary work, which is frequently what books are. Well spread some particular guides to assist you with seeing further beneath. Composing Style Examples Some of the time its more obvious through models than essentially perusing a definition. Here are a few instances of the various kinds of composing style to assist you with getting the significance for understanding what composing style is and how you can utilize that to adjust and make your own. Explanatory Writing Style Examples: As expressed above, explanatory composing is the most widely recognized sort and fundamentally just transfers important data. Here are a few instances of informative composition: TextbooksRecipesHow-tosInstructions Specialized writingBusiness writingScientific composing Elucidating Writing Style Examples: You can write in various manners with elucidating composing. Indeed, even informative composing can incorporate engaging inside it. Here are instances of distinct composition: Fiction novelsPlaysSongs PoetryJournaling or DiariesNature/Animal depictions Powerful Writing Style Examples: Recollect when you needed to compose an influential article in school so as to figure out how to make a contention? That is the thing that enticing composing is. You need your perusers to leave concurring with you on some issue. Here are instances of influential composition: Resumà ¨sCover LettersProduct/administration reviewsLetters of suggestion Paper articlesAdvertisementsWebsite deals copyLetters of protest Story Writing Style Examples: At the point when you consider books, theyll commonly fall under this composing style. In the event that youre attempting to find your own composing style, youll likely be writing in the story style. Here are instances of story composing styles: Short storiesNovelsPoetry AnecdotesOral historiesNovellas This composing style is the sort were truly going to concentrate on in this next segment about how to build up your own composing style and locate your common stream as an author. Instructions to Find Your Writing Style I myself, as to write in two unique styles to communicate who I am as an individual and access my inventiveness. For these two styles, I really own two separate sites; one on movement child rearing and one on my confidence. My movement/child rearing online journal permits me to communicate with humor. This permits guardians to relate to me by observing the lighter side of child rearing. My confidence blog is a progressively genuine goal where perusers can come to become familiar with the book of scriptures. I appreciate writing in the two styles. The two web journals permit me to appreciate these composing styles without befuddling my perusers. So how would you, as an essayist, discover your place in the composing scene and build up a composing style that suits you? Here a four different ways that you can discover and build up your own composing style: #1 Read a great deal Why is perusing so significant? Perusing permits you to gain from different people’s information and lets you inundate in their reality. It permits you to build up your own composing style. Perusing different people’s work will impact your own composition. This is on the grounds that we will in general write likewise to what we read all the time. On the off chance that you aren’t right now perusing each day I would urge you to do as such. Discover something that intrigues you and begin perusing, regardless of whether it be in a book, by means of a site, or somewhere else. Make it a day by day propensity to spend in any event thirty minutes eating up somebody else’s work. As you read to an ever increasing extent, your own style of composing will extend. It will create dependent on your own encounters and the impacts you have had. You can expand your own points of view as a writer by perusing different styles of composing. Perusing will show you better approaches for wording sentences and innovative thoughts you hadnt thought of. #2 Be straightforward to what your identity is At the point when you compose, make sure to remain consistent with what your identity is. Composing is a work of art that permits you to communicate from inside. Attempting to be somebody you are not will obstruct your composing venture, not resist. At the point when I state be straightforward with what your identity is, I mean remaining consistent with yourself. This will incorporate your own qualities, your convictions, your sentiments and who you are as an individual. Attempting to compose a comedic piece when you dont for the most part use cleverness will be troublesome and frequently not read well. This is on the grounds that you might be driving this composition and the piece won't stream. At the point when you compose something that isn't from what your identity is, it can befuddle your peruser. This is on the grounds that it will be hard to continue your voice as an author. At the point when your style changes or doesnt stream well, it makes it harder for the peruser to distinguish what your identity is. Subsequently they might not have any desire to peruse a greater amount of your work. At the point when you composes from inside, the peruser can see portions of who you are as an individual and can become more acquainted with you better. I read a book some time back on business development. It was a decent book and I took in a ton from it. Accordingly I at that point followed the writer and beginning perusing her different books. Soon after this she changed styles. The pattern around then was starting to get swear words to cause somebody to appear †kick ass†. This writer hopped on that pattern and started swearing through the entirety of her books. I don’t mean a couple swear words scattered all through. One of her books had such a significant number of swear words in it that her book would have been a few pages shorter on the off chance that she had forgotten about them. This essayist thoroughly enjoyed disclosing to her perusers that this specific book had just taken her four hours to compose. The issue was you could tell that it didnt have the stream or substance of her other

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Discuss the importance of body language and gesture in the councelling Essay

Examine the significance of non-verbal communication and motion in the councelling trade - Essay Example Guiding is a present moment, hypothesis based, non-order, non-critical procedure (Stressmgn, n.d.). During the procedure, the customer or the person who is confronting modification, formative or situational issues, is caused by the instructor to pick up consciousness of himself and settle on choices with help. Henceforth, the way toward directing would include become a close acquaintence with, tuning in, helping, and enabling. Advising is today a generally polished calling and manages issues in the field of individual, social, instructive, professional, psychological well-being issues. Mentoring can be of different sorts like strong mentoring, instructive mentoring, direction mentoring, profession mentoring, emergency mentoring, sorrow mentoring, post-horrendous mentoring, the executives mentoring, family mentoring, marriage mentoring, mentoring in clinical settings, rehabilitative and psychological well-being mentoring. Non-verbal communication is a critical specialized device, yet hardly any individuals are knowledgeable in it. It significantly affects people’s recognition even before we talk. It creates physical and passionate reactions to individuals and circumstances throughout everyday life. In guiding, it has extraordinary significance be it directing for vocation, advising people with challenges or illnesses. At the point when an individual seeks directing, he is for the most part in a condition of uncertainty and upset. He is regularly hesitant to uncover individual data and privileged insights. A customer might know about the requirement for directing or their current degree of working. An advocate needs to cause the person to get their own non-verbal communication with the goal that they can comprehend themselves better. The guide needs to utilize non-verbal communication just as decipher the non-verbal communication of the customer or the patient. An advisor must be conversant in f athoming and reacting to the non-verbal communication and signals of the customer. To assist him with defeating opposition and fathom himself, non-verbal communication is critical. Consequently,

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Top 10 Free ( Cheap) Rewards for Students

Top 10 Free ( Cheap) Rewards for Students Are your students getting straight A's, demonstrating kind behavior, and turning in homework assignments on time every week? The rewards in this top 10 slideshow will show your students that you appreciate their diligence in the classroom and will encourage them to keep up the good work. Best of all, most of these ideas are free! New teachers will find this resource particularly valuable. our elementary students. Pencils and other school supplies are a good option for older students, and used books are always appropriate. Of course, students of all ages love candy, so some individually-wrapped pieces are nice to keep on hand. Homework-Free Weekend Homework-Free Weekend If you tend to give your students homework every weekend, a great reward for a class that has been attentive all week is a homework-free weekend. You should reward yourself this way, too; tell your students they've been so good, you're taking the weekend off from grading papers! Extended Recess Extended Recess Children love recess, and there's a good reasonâ€"it allows them to socialize with classmates without the stress of the classroom setting. Reward your students with an extended recess one day to show them how much you appreciate their good work. Or if you don't normally have recess at all, try some outdoor games that are educational enough to pass for a lesson. Hold Class Outside Hold Class Outside Holding class outside is a great way to spend those first warm spring days when it feels like torture to be in the classroom. This reward would most likely work best with literature classes, where lessons are based largely on discussion. You might have a difficult time keeping your younger students' concentration in check, but high-school students would likely be able to focus in a new environment. Popcorn or Ice Cream Party Popcorn or Ice Cream Party Have your students been exceptionally well-behaved for an extended period of time? Did everyone in class get a B or better on your last test? Spend an afternoon throwing a popcorn or ice cream party, complete with a movie or games! It will feel like a real treat to students. Tie your activities into recent lessons, as well. If you just finished reading Romeo & Juliet, show the movie to your class. Just completed a tough unit on DNA? The movies Gattaca and Jurassic Park are good choices for high school students (both rated PG-13).To save money on the treats, ask your students to bring in microwave popcorn from home, if they have it, or buy a large bag of kernels and pop it the old-fashioned way. It's much less expensive. Call to Parents with Positive Comments Call to Parents with Positive Comments A simple phone call home may not seem like a reward, but parents will be ecstatic to hear your positive comments about their child. No need to spend a long time on the phoneâ€"just a few minutes detailing your student's great behavior, grade improvement, or kindness is enough to show you sincerely appreciate parental involvement. Your students will love knowing their teacher and their parents are proud of them!

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Essay about Solving Racism Yesterday and Today - 676 Words

She sat in class, listening to a lecture on the Civil Rights Movement. â€Å"That was how things used to be† her teacher told her. She looked around the classroom, each race in a separate corner. She couldn’t help but think, maybe the laws have changed, but the people sure haven’t. In everyday situations, racism is still very apparent. Racism in America has come a long way, however, there is still ways to go. Since our country was founded, racism has been a there. Abolishing racism can only happen years of effort from everyone. We need to start working on solving the racial issues to benefit our future. After the Civil Rights Movement, laws were made banning slavery entirely. Eventually, whites no longer owned slaves, however,†¦show more content†¦This causes kids to feel obligated to be like their stereotypes. Changes need to be made soon in efforts to have a racism free future. Simple steps can be taken to solve, and eventually eliminate racism. The on ly way this is possible is by opening the minds of children. Kids are young and their brains are not fully developed so they are still willing to take in new ideas. Adults, however, have developed brains and not as much capacity to have new opinions. Kids spend a significant amount of time in schools. It should be required that schools teach kids about how racial discrimination is wrong. Also, classes should not be so segregated. Schools should have to make efforts to have equal amounts of races in all of their classes. People in America are constantly exposed to media. From TVs to billboards in is seen everywhere. Kids in particular tend to go along with the opinions media gives them. If we stop portraying races as groups of people that shouldn’t be together, kids will get that impression. We must stop showing segregation and discrimination constantly in media. If the changes are made, it will not affect the people in our generation. The acceptance and tolerance of other ra ces will have to be taught and passed down to future children. If we do these things, the future will be a brighter place. If a lot of people put their full effort in, the future will be much better in terms of racialShow MoreRelatedThe Arts Have Been Long-Recognized As A Vital Component4734 Words   |  19 Pageson the human condition, the arts were â€Å"considered inseparable from the sciences and other academic disciplines† and a vital part of community life (Appel, 2006, p. 14). Goodman (2015) furthers this notion by explaining that people - both yesterday and today - embrace the arts to gain understanding and perspective into the more immaterial questions of life. Da Vinci’s brilliance came from the world around him, a world that cared deeply about intellectual curiosity and inspired creativity. TheRead MoreIntroducing the History of Marketing Theory and Practice11077 Words   |  45 Pagesmarketing problem’ (Jones and Monieson, 1994) and the ‘ distribution cost debate’ (Wilkie and Moore, 1999). Such concerns have not exactly disappeared today; although these debates about the cost of distribution were first aired in 1900 or thereabouts, with ‘farmers questioning why they received only a low percentage of the consumer’s food dollar; today, buyers (and farmers) ask why cereal brands are priced so high relative to ingredient costs’ (Wilkie and Moore, 1999: 215). While such criticism ofRead MoreEthical Decision Making and Behavior13474 Words   |  54 Pagesinoculation than a process. —Ethicist Rushworth Kidder WHAT’S AHEAD This chapter surveys the components of ethical behavior—moral sensitivity, moral judgment, moral motivation, and moral character—and introduces systematic approaches to ethical problem solving. We’ll take a look at four decision-making formats: Kidder’s ethical checkpoints, the SAD formula, Nash’s 12 questions, and the case study method. After presenting each approach, I’ll discuss its relative advantages and disadvantages. U nderstandingRead MoreLogical Reasoning189930 Words   |  760 Pages..................................................................... 518 A Cautious Approach with an Open Mind ................................................................................ 519 Discovering Causes, Creating Explanations, and Solving Problems...................................... 521 Confirming by Testing .................................................................................................................. 523 Aiming to Disconfirm ...............................

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The Decline of Morals and Morality in America Essay examples

America is in a Moral Decline The founders of America believed that a popular government and its laws necessarily rested upon an underlying moral order that preceded both the state and man-made law. They referred to this transcendent moral order in the Declaration of Independence as self evident truths and the laws of nature and of natures god (Barr pg. 211). For a republic to work, the founders thought, the people had to internally guided by commonly shared moral values. The founders viewed themselves as launching a great experiment: Could a free people retain a moral culture that would promote the self-discipline and virtues needed to restrain corruption? We are still, in many ways, the shining city on the†¦show more content†¦scores of high school students. The debate over families and family values generally finds advocates in two camps. One camp says that a family begins when a man and woman marry. The other camp says that no one should try to define the family because the definition is very subjective. This latter position is just one example of the virus that has caused Americas sickness (Thomas pg. 44). The idea that a fixed standard cannot be established because some people might disagree is ludicrous (Thomas pg. 44). Logically, if there is no objective standard for one agenda, there can be none for any other. When there are no standards, there is anarchy. Degradation of family values is seen in the area of marriage. Until recently, marriage was largely thought of as a noble relationship (Bennett pg. 108). It seems lately though, the idea of traditional marriage has become viewed as silly or obsolete. Writing in the September 20, 1993 issue of Time magazine, essayist Barbara Ehrenreich uses the breakup of the supposedly picture-perfect marriage of actors Burt Renolds and Loni Anderson to say that we expect too much from marriage and ought to revise the system and our expectations of it. Ehrenreich goes on to offer aShow MoreRelatedMorality And Its Effect On Society855 Words   |  4 Pageshow individuals acquire morality. Some say that morality is a learned behavior, and others contribute human morality to a view of fairness, or unfairness. I believe that morality is declining in our society, and its decline has a negative effect on society. Does the passing of time change morality or will society change with the passing of time? We can seek the answer to that question by exploring different aspects of our society to determine if a decline of morality has any negative effect onRead MoreThe Main Reason For Collapsing Of Roman Empire And America843 Words   |  4 PagesRome and America are the largest empire and country in their time, there are various similarities between them. Some similarities they both have are dominant power that both of them are powerful and have huge impact on other countries in their time and cultural diversity which they both have an open society made up of many people. Moreover, moral decline was the main reason for collapsing of Roman Emperor; America suffered the decline of moral value for a long time. In 2015, the decline of the moralRead MoreThe Effect Of Decaying Morality On Society934 Words   |  4 PagesThe Effect of Decaying Morality on Society The ability to distinguish between actions that are right or wrong, is an innate characteristic designed into every person. There are many scientific theories that attempt to explain how individuals acquire morality. Psychologist say that morality is a learned behavior, and others contribute human morality to a view of fairness, or unfairness. My point is, I believe that morality is declining in our society, and its decline has a negative effect on societyRead MoreThe Decline in Morality Has Caused an Increase in Crime Essays1011 Words   |  5 PagesThe Decline in Morality Has Caused an Increase in Crime In an age where violent crime is more dominant than ever and morality is not heard of, there arise many problems that result from each other. The past thirty years, our society has been determined to secularize itself and to separate from many moral standards that root from the Bible. Since moral values were removed from schools in the 1960s, crime and immorality has steadily risen. It is evident thatRead MoreTo What Extent is Religion Essential To Society?866 Words   |  4 Pagesno longer the necessity of religion to be the basis of a moral code. Nations categorized by low degrees of social and economical security have the lowest prevalence of atheism and vise versa (high security = highest prevalence of atheism). Due to the correlation between prosperity and lack of religion, more secularly prosperous nations are moving away from sectarianism to secularism. Socio- economic well-being generally results in a decline in the social significance of religion as it’s function asRead MoreWhat Really Ails America Essays965 Words   |  4 PagesIn his article, â€Å"What Really Ails America,† author William J. Bennett presents his argument as to why America is now viewed as a country that no longer possesses a virtuous, morally sound society. According to Bennett, this change in society was brought about by an aversion to spiritual and religious things. This lack of spirituality and religion has skewed the perception of what is now considered to be ethical in this country. Bennett not only makes note of the issues, but also goes on to explainRead More The Separation of Church and State in America Should NOT Be Absolute 949 Words   |  4 Pagesseen a decline in the role of religion. With people casting shadows over their religion and putting their faith in separation of church and state, we have seen our country developing moral relativity. This moral relativity is dangerous ground. Most people are ignorant of their religion, not being able to giv e reasons for their belief. This religious illiteracy in America today has tragically developed the notion that separation of church and state should be absolute; thus creating a moral relativityRead MoreAnalysis Of Washington s Farewell Address1656 Words   |  7 Pagesthe original establishment of American policy in many areas. From setting a precedent for American neutrality during international wars to promoting the stewardship of public credit, Washington’s address has had a great influence on the paths that America has taken over past centuries and the decisions that its leaders have made throughout history. This is largely because most parts of Washington’s advice have been heeded to at least some degree, and they haven t yet been labeled completely as â€Å"archaic†Read MoreRebuilding America s Moral Christian Walls1523 Words   |  7 PagesRebuilding America’s Moral Christian Walls As it comes to many people’s attention that America’s spiritual walls have a crack in them, two of the main questions are why and how it may be repaired. There are many documented facts that present the evidence for the reader to conclude his or her own theory. After analysis of these facts and evidence, it is perfectly obvious to most people that the United States of America will be responsible for its own downfall if people do not open their eyes to theRead MoreModernization Of Morality And Manners945 Words   |  4 Pages Historians tend to attribute the modernization of morality and manners to the decade between the Progressive Era and the New Deal. The short span of time between the Progressive Era and the New Deal saw the abandonment of Victorian Era moral guidelines, coupled with a new emphasis on the individuality of women. Flappers, young free-spirited girls embracing their newfound social freedom, embodied this period of rapid change. Promiscuity flourished, female clothes covered less, and the roles of women

Couples Should Cohabit Before Marriage Free Essays

Tanya Givans Mrs. Lamptey English-099 02-09-2010 Couples Should Cohabit before Marriage In the beginning of a relationship, there is a lot of excitement, giddiness, infatuation, lust and romance. As the relationship grows stronger, there are important decisions that need to be made. We will write a custom essay sample on Couples Should Cohabit Before Marriage or any similar topic only for you Order Now One in particular is the living arrangements of the couple. There are couples that decide to live together before marriage to see if their partnership will work. Some people are appalled by the fact that a couple would move in together and live as a married couple, because they believe it to be ungodly and that ex and children should only be a result of marriage. However, there are people who do not believe in religion, nor do they care if you live together before marriage or not . Couples should live together before marriage because they will learn more about themselves and each other before taking such a big step. Couples living together prior to marriage will find out if they are financially compatible. Once a couple makes the transition of moving in together, they will see how easy or hard it will be to manage their money. The fact of having one household instead f two will make it easy also all utility, water, grocery, and rent will be split in half. Living together before marr iage will help a couple find out if maybe one is too frivolous with their money, and if the situation could be controlled before taking the next step into marriage. For example, maybe the boyfriend will get his paycheck go out to the bar spend and all of his money then come home broke. As a result, the girl is stuck paying the bills for the month. The financial burden of taken care of oneself is hard, but if a partner is irresponsible with their money, it can get expensive. Couples that live together before marriage also will learn more about themselves. After a couple has moved in together, they will have all of these expectations of each other. For example, my husband and I lived together before we were married, during this time we gave up our single lives. There was no partying at the clubs, hanging out with friends, or any nightlife what so ever. So being in this relationship meant that we would be totally devoted to each other. Giving up your single life to join with your partner means losing freedom, and a sense of ones self. Living together before marriage can help one to realize what a relationship is about, and if giving up their single life is what they are willing to sacrifice to share a lifetime with their partner. Marriage should last forever, so living together in advance can help a person realize if this is the life they want. Couples will learn more about their partner when living together before marriage. Hopefully, before a couple moves in together they will know if one another has any manners, bad habits or if one likes to fight. For example, when walking into the kitchen nd your boyfriend is moving the dishes out of the sink before he urinates in it. This would be disgusting and behavior like that is not acceptable. Or, after using the restroom he does not wash his hands. The lack of hand washing could actually be harmful especially if he prepares the family’s dinners. There are also more serious issues like when your partner is angry, will he or she get physically abusive. If a coupl e, has an irreparable problem in the relationship while living together then they can simply move out. Living together teaches a couple about their partners, and tolerance of each ther. In conclusion, some people may say that their religious practices do not allow them to live together before marriage, but I say couples should live together before marriage because they will learn more about themselves, their partners, and it is more convenient financially. Toleration of bad habits and the loss of one’s individualism will come with the territory of living together or being married. So if there are problems in the relationship now that cannot be fixed then it is safe to assume their will be problems if the couple foolishly decides to marry. . How to cite Couples Should Cohabit Before Marriage, Papers

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Tweeter Case Essay Example

Tweeter Case Essay Should Tweeter continue with its Automatic Price Protection (APP) policy along with Every-day Fair Pricing (EDFP)? Tweeter should continue with its current Marketing strategy based on APP policy and Every-day Fair pricing. Their target customer is the Quality/Service oriented and they should focus on retaining their loyalty. The shift from having continuous Sales Events to fair pricing and price protection has been proven successful as same store sales have increased, new stores have delivered consistent sales and total marketing expense has not increased as a % of Sales. Also profitability of the company has gone back to positive numbers as a result of the new pricing strategy. By not entering the Sale events, Tweeter will be able to maintain its reputation of high-end quality service retailer and keep its current market segment very well satisfied with its price protection program. 1. Customer Analysis: (a) What are the challenges that Tweeter faces in the market environment that they have to compete in? Use the data in Exhibit 13 to assess whether Tweeter is price competitive with its competitors when comparing objective prices? What factors impact the price image of retail store and how does Tweeter compare with its competitors? As a retailer of consumer electronics Tweeter faces several challenges in order to keep growing its sales and capture new consumers into their stores. As a boutique or specialty retailer of electronics Tweeter faces direct competition from other distribution channels in which the same products are sold. These are Electronic/Appliance Superstores, Department stores and in less weight Mass merchants and Warehouse clubs. We will write a custom essay sample on Tweeter Case specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Tweeter Case specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Tweeter Case specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer These bigger retailers characterize by giving consumers an image of everyday low prices which drive them into their stores, generally offering attractive Sales Event every week. Another challenge Tweeter faces is the entrance of new stores to the market with the chain Wiz planning to open 8 more stores in the New England Market, so this means Tweeter will need to work a strategy to keep its core customer loyal and not switching to these new stores. Bigger retailers carry more products so portfolio offering to consumers is greater than Tweeter creating a one stop shop for electronics consumers, which could drive away customers from Tweeter. Comparing price competitiveness of Tweeter against other retailers; 32 audio and video products sold across multiple retailers were analyzed. Of those 32 products 18 products sold on Tweeter were sold at the same price or below compared to Lechmere, Circuit City or Wiz. Only 9 products were priced higher by Tweeter in % ranging from 4% to 17% higher and most of the prices were on sale or advertised. See Exhibit 1 for calculations. Based on information in exhibit 1, Tweeter has a competitive position in similar products against the other retailers, the key is how they could advertise this position so that consumers think they have competitive prices even though they are a high-end, high quality retailer. (b) How do consumers make purchasing decisions in the electronics market? What are the challenges faced by Tweeter due to this? Will APP help in overcoming some of these challenges and how? By conducting Focus Groups Tweeter identified how consumers made their decisions in the New England Market. They identified consumers thought about their purchase decision two months in advance on average and visited two to three retailers prior to making the purchase. Most of visits were driven by newspaper ads and most of them waited for the product to be advertised in order to purchase the desired product. Tweeter also found out that most of the customers who shopped on Tweeter stores also visited Lechmere, Fretter and Sears because they believed Tweeter was more expensive than other retailers. Finally focus group interviews showed that if price would not be an issue, most of the customers would prefer to shop on Tweeter. Another key information they got from the study was customer type: Entry level customers, The price biter, the convenience customer and Quality/Service Customer. 70% of Tweeter customers are in the Quality/Service Type but only represented 10% of total market in New England. By having most of customer base in smallest market segment Tweeter needs to create a marketing strategy to satisfy its current customer base in order to become 100% loyal. Value proposition and differentiation will be key drivers in order to keep current customers satisfied. 20% of tweeter customers are price-biters, so these customers could be potentially lost to lower-cost perceived retailers. With APP introduction Tweeter could overcome price competition by offering current customers the peace of mind that they will pay the lowest price without the need of lowering retail prices and continue to offer great customer service. This strategy works perfectly because customers will not see cheap retail prices which could trade down Tweeter’s image of being a high-end quality retailer to a low cost cheap retailer. (c) Which segments of the market is Tweeter currently targeting? Who is their primary target? Evaluate Tweeter’s performance with their target customers? How will APP impact Tweeter’s performance with their primary target market and other segments? Tweeter is currently targeting the Quality/Service oriented customer. Customers who want high-end products and are willing to have a better shopping experience with great customer service. They are outperforming competition in this segment with 70% market share with closest competitor being circuit city with 15% (out of the 10% quality/service customer segment). APP will consolidate loyalty and create a shield to defend its current customers from competition. Tweeter primary customer likes quality and service but could be driven away by a lower priced retailer, so by giving the price guarantee to their current customers Tweeter could retain them. Another segment that could be influenced by APP will be the price-biters. Currently Tweeter has 20% of its customer base in this segment and they could drive additional consumers who are searching for the lowest price with APP strategy. In the Pennsylvania market the new acquired Bryn Mawr stores have not been able to successfully increase sales with APP but Tweeter CEO should not worry about this strategy because market could be different. They should conduct same analysis done in New England for market segmentation to understand better their customer and come out with correct strategy. . Company Analysis: (a) Enumerate the key objectives that a retailer might have? In your assessment, which objectives are challenging for Tweeter to achieve given the competitive market and customer environment that they face? Specialty retailers have key objectives that have to be met in order to be successful. They need to have good location, credibility, great customer service, good product offer, competitive prices, financially feasible margins and they need to bring people to their stores and make final purchase decision at their stores. Tweeter faces the challenge of capturing consumers from other retailers and be the best option for final purchase decision. Price competition is a major challenge to Tweeter because it could lose sales, or it could drop down its current margin by trying to offer lower cost products trying to compete against bigger retail chains. (b) How does APP help Tweeter in overcoming these challenges and achieving the objectives? Tweeter target customer is very special. They like to receive good service and like to purchase good quality products. The threat Tweeter faces by new market entrants is by price reductions to current products. Those customers who are a little price sensitive could switch from Tweeter to other retailers. APP is a great tool that Tweeter management designed in which they will automatically match a lower advertised priced after the purchase and send a check for the difference to its customer. This will help Tweeter keep its current customer base and don’t lower retail prices keeping image of high-end quality service retail store. (c) Use the data in the case to evaluate whether APP has been effective? List the metrics that you are using and present your analysis using data in the case. Since the change of marketing strategy in 1993 sales have grown almost two times by 1996 from $43M to $82M (estimated). The new strategy had three components: APP, Everyday-fair pricing (no more Sales events) and change in advertising mix from newspaper to Television and Radio. Same-store sales grew by 50% with new strategy and the other incremental revenue came from the seven new stores they opened over the three year period. With the information given in the case APP is not the only component of the new marketing strategy, but a part of a new shift in the marketing strategy. As a part of the new strategy APP has been effective as it only represents around 0. 5% of the total revenues. See Exhibit 2 for Calculations. Sales per store have increased since the switch to the new strategy, not all of them could be addressed to APP but as a part of the new strategy and representing a small expense as a % of revenues, strategy has proven to be effective. See Exhibit 3 for same store sales. On the financial performance Tweeter has been able to improve margins, not affected by new fair-pricing strategy and reduce expenses boosting net income from negative numbers to 4% over sales. See Exhibit 4 for Margin Analysis. 3. Company Analysis: (a) What are the necessary factors for APP to be sustainable? In order for the APP program to be sustainable it will have to create additional sales growth and I will target maximum budget for APP under 1% of sales, not exceeding the other components of the marketing plan as Radio and Television advertisement and total marketing expense. The policy should also consider check shipping costs, so that minimum amount check could be modified in case shipping costs increases. The total amount per check should also be limited, calculating an average rebate that will not go below marginal cost of advertised products. They should maintain the 30 day policy for rebate granting. Last but not least, overhead costs from people operating the program should be consistent with revenue growth as a % of sales and don’t create any additional overhead costs for Tweeter. (b) Is APP sustainable for Tweeter? Currently APP represents only 0. 5-0. % of revenues in first years of operation (Exhibit 2). APP is sustainable as total sales have increased by 100%, new stores have good sales and same-stores have experienced a 50% growth increase since the program was launched. As part of the new marketing strategy, advertising has gone down from 8. 9% to 8. 0% as a percentage of sales so Tweeter has not incurred in additional marketing expen se just a different mix. So APP has been sustainable for Tweeter in this 3 years of operation and has been effective to maintain its target customer: Quality/Service oriented electronic goods shopper.